"i want to buy a web site."

The following will give you a simple idea of our fees at Thalamus Interactive Design, regardless of your current needs.  Think of this as a starting point.  You may likely need a site that is larger or more complex.

3 pages:  A home page to welcome customers and describe you and your business
A products and services page
A contact page for your customers to get more information
Contact form: This form will process the customer's contact info and deliver it to you as an e-mail.

TOTAL PRICE:  $250:   This is a one-time fee to design and set up a 3-page web site.*

Initial Consultation:  Before we do any work, we will meet with you by phone, by e-mail, and/or in person to discuss your design needs. We can then put together a formal proposal showing you exactly what will be done, when it will be completed, and an approximate cost.
Domain Name Registration:  We will help research, request, and register your domain name.
Electronic Mail Set-up:  Once your domain name is registered, we can then create e-mail addresses that you can include on your business cards and print media.
Electronic Data Conversion:  We can prepare content for your site that is not yet in electronic form, including scanning photos, typing in text, and digitizing brochures and print ads.

Site Hosting and Domain Name Fees:  If we provide hosting for your web site, there is a base cost each month to host the site. This can be as low as $10 per month.
Site Maintenance and Expansion:  Our typical site will cost $50 - $60 per month, depending on the site's size and complexity.

Whatever your current needs, we're willing to work within your budget to design your site.  Contact us at info (at) thalamusdesign (dot) com
for a cost estimate for your design project.